Cooperative-led tourism in Pucón, Chile. Connecting rural communities with urban tourists to create empathy through ‘day in the life’ activities.

Royal College of Art & Imperial College London
with PUC Chile

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Making a difference through weaving in Pucón

Designing a systems framework was only one part of this story. We wanted to make a difference to those struggling in the rural areas of Pucón, Chile.

Working closely with a local Mapuche woman, we created a wealth of physical resources to enable her to share with tourists her passion for weaving. These included: a miniature teaching loom; informational leaflets to be given to attendees; and materials to help her manage bookings, schedules and costing. We also created a brand identity, RutaRural, which can be used by others in the community as this tourism grows.

Globally transferable systems framework

This new form of tourism champions local communities and empowers them to set up individual tourism enterprises driven by personal passions. This creates an experiential knowledge exchange that celebrates the similarities and differences across the rural-urban divide; bringing all involved closer together.

A combination of co-operative driven management and 3rd-party support facilitates a gradual progression. The ultimate aim is a tourism scheme which is fully self-supported and community-led. The three-phase framework can be adapted to any location worldwide.

A project as part of GoGlobal 2017 in collaboration with Raakhi Chotai, Jaqueline Herrera, Marcus Comaschi and Stefanía Arias Lazcano