Every project is different and I have experience at both ends of the digital–physical spectrum. Whilst each brief throws out its own unique challenges (and perks!), I will typically adopt a four stage process: discover, define, develop, deliver.

This covers human-centred research, innovation and design strategy, design, development, prototyping, testing, and manufacture/deployment. It's also worth noting I'm always happy to jump in and contribute any of the individual stages in their own right!


I take a hands-on, human-centred approach design research; getting directly involved with people to uncover their behaviours, needs and desires.

This stage builds a clear picture of the user, their wider context, and any relevant market information. Primary exploration is supported by desk research and the understanding of any technical/scientific elements that might fuel new ideas.

It's all about getting deep into the heart and soul of the project.


It's time to piece this research together and identify the unique opportunities for innovation and appropriate points of intervention.

Rich, user-centred insights act as a springboard for the generation of a wealth of ideas in response to the emergent project brief. These a mapped, hacked, combined and blown apart to pin-point areas for further exploration.

The best ideas become the focus for detailed development.


Make and test. Make and test. Make and test.

The chosen idea(s) are developed in every aspect of function, form and experience. Physical, digital or a combination of the two, users remain ivolved throughout and their feedback guides the product's evolution.

Prototypes play a vital role from quick and dirty, to carefully detailed and refine, and into the more radical and experimental.


Making it real: taking a well-resolved design and truly bringing it to life.

Really digging into the details and ironing out any issues. Design for manufacture; refining the engineering; final user validation; creating supply chains and the appropriate product support; and preparing for launch

This is intertwined with careful consideration for product sustainability: both social and environmental. We are all responsible for making a positive impact.